For over 30 years, Klein Pump has been the number one commercial pump supplier in South Florida. We have worked hard to supply our south Florida customers with the very best pumping equipment, pump parts, and pumping assemblies. Additionally, we provide customized consultation and specialized support for commercial pumping processes of all sorts.

We specialize in providing custom built solutions for a wide range of commercial applications, including:

  •     Petrochemical
  •     Oil and gas
  •     Steel mills
  •     Power generation
  •     Sugar mills
  •     Cement plants
  •     Mining
  •     Chemical processing
  •     Paints and coatings
  •     Food processing
  •     Beverage distilleries, breweries, and bottling plants
  •     Pharmaceuticals
  •     Cosmetics and personal care products
  •     Edible oils
  •     Textiles
  •     Packaging
  •     HVAC

We also provide practical, cost-effective solutions for specialized industry needs, such as:

  •     Hotels and resorts
  •     Aquariums
  •     Water parks

Whether you’re running a marine sanctuary or equipping a chemical processing plant, we have the solutions you’re looking for. Our team at Klein Pump will deliver reliable application advice, sound guidance, and access to carefully selected, world-class pumps and products.

Of course, what has really made us the go-to commercial pump supplier in South Florida is our service. Knowing a lot about an industry just takes time and experience. A commitment to service, however, is something that is built from the ground up. We’ve built our company on solid, unflagging support for each and every one of our customers. Our tradition is one of high quality service before, during, and after each sale. When you choose Klein Pump as your pump supplier and consultant, you can count on our reliable support whenever and wherever you might need it.

When you’re running a commercial venture, you need a system that is up to the task. Don’t trust your pumping system to chance. Make the smart move and choose the number one commercial pump supplier in South Florida: chat with our experts at Klein Pump team by calling 561-340-1678.