When you are looking for true excellence in pump manufacturing, consider Crane Pumps & Systems. This company has been in business since 1855, and they have consistently produced exceptional systems and products. At Klein Pump, we’ve carefully selected our chosen providers and manufacturers, and we are proud to say that we are a Crane pump supplier in South Florida.

The Crane company got its start building 57 Frame Fractional HP A.C. electric motors which were typically used in oil burning furnaces. From there, Crane went on to develop a number of outstanding submersible pumps, including their original Submersible ? HP, 1 ¼ Discharge Sump Pump.

Since then, Crane has become an industry leader, manufacturing a highly diversified range of pump products and services. They provide practical solutions and products to customers in a wide variety of industries, including petrochemical, transportation, automated merchandising, power generation, hydrocarbon processing, chemical, electronics, and aerospace.

Once you’ve used Crane products, it’s not hard to see why we’re so proud to be a Crane pump supplier in South Florida. At Klein Pump, we specialize in delivering practical pumping solutions across a wide range of applications. From fuels and chemicals to municipal wastewater to food and drink, we have the pump savvy to provide expert consultation and support.

We’ve worked with numerous pump manufacturers, and we’ve even made forays into manufacturing our own pumps. Building a reliable, consistent pump takes decades of expertise, development, and commitment. That’s why we’re very careful about who we work with and which products we suggest to our customers.

So when we say that we’re a Crane pump supplier in South Florida, you can trust that Crane is a name you can trust. We’ve worked with Crane for many years, and we recommend their pumping systems with full confidence that you’re getting one of the most reliable, well-built products on the market. If you’d like to find out more about Crane pumps and pumping systems, get in touch with our team at 561-340-1678.