When you’re looking for real in-depth industry roots, look to Neptune Pump Manufacturing. We’ve been a Neptune pump supplier in South Florida for many years, and we’ve rarely seen a more reliable, consistent line of products.

Neptune has been in the business of building industrial sump pumps for over five decades. This American company is a go-to name for many customers in the market for high quality sump pumps. At Klein Pump, we only work with the best. Our customers rely on us to offer curated products and carefully selected brands. We stand fully behind the Neptune name and we’re proud to be a Neptune pump supplier in South Florida.

Neptune offers a small but impressive line of pumps that are designed to handle a range of applications, including chemical, pharmaceutical, and industrial processes involving a wide variety of fluids and metals. Two of our favorites from the Neptune line:

Model HD Heavy Duty Industrial Sump Pump

This is one rugged pump and it’s one that is used widely in the chemical industry. In some industrial plants, water or chemicals must be moved or disposed of at high heads, and a tough, reliable pump is vital for the process. The Neptune Model HD Industrial Sump Pump “screens” liquid over the top of the base, which allows heavy solids to settle instead of being sucked into the impeller. This protects the pump and delivers greater pumping efficiency.

Model LD Heavy Duty Industrial Sump Pump

This brand new development is quickly becoming an industry favorite for pumping acids and corrosive liquids. This stainless steel pump features a flange mounted ball bearing motor that is explosion-proof. It’s an ideal solution for moving corrosive or flammable materials from containers and cars.

Neptune also manufactures a fantastic laundry tray pump and a highly reliable pressure test pump that are favorites with many of our customers.

We’d love to help you find just the right pumping solutions for your needs, and we’d love to serve as your Neptune pump supplier in South Florida. Just give us a call at 561-340-1678.