Regenerative turbine pumps are a viable alternative to centrifugal pumps. They are recognized for the high discharge pressure that is typical for displacement turbines and flexible operation – a characteristic of centrifugal varieties.

Because of their versatility and effectiveness, regenerative turbine pumps are an option of preference for companies that represent a wide array of industries.

The best regenerative turbine pumps can be difficult to find. Do you know what the optimal characteristics are? Have you already planned the setting up of an effective pumping system? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you’ll have to look for an experienced regenerative turbine pump supplier in South Florida.

Klein Pump is a company that’s been addressing the needs of local commercial clients for numerous years. Over this long period of time, Klein Pump has established itself as a reliable regenerative turbine pump supplier.

As a top industrial pump supplier in South Florida, we’ve worked with businesses that represent dozens of industries like:

  •     Chemical processing
  •     Food processing
  •     Distilleries
  •     Sugar mills
  •     Edible oils
  •     Aquariums
  •     Water parks
  •     Breweries
  •     Bottling plants
  •     Textiles
  •     Petrochemical
  •     Pharmaceutical
  •     Oil & gas
  •     Heavy industries
  •     Steel mills
  •     Paints & coatings
  •     Ordnance
  •     Marine
  •     General industries
  •     Packaging
  •     Hotels & resorts
  •     HVAC
  •     Power generation
  •     Beverage
  •     Cement plants
  •     General industries

As you can see, our experience is diversified. This experience, the attention to detail and the personalization of service has enabled Klein Pump to maintain its excellent reputation on the South Florida market for numerous years.

We have an extensive catalog of pumping solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us, no matter how specialized your needs are. Chances that we have at least a few options that will suit the types of operations you have in mind.

Klein Pump is ready to assist you in the selection of a regenerative turbine pump. Give us a call today at 561-340-1678 to find out more about the range of products or inquire about a specific pump model. We’ll be more than happy to provide all of the information that you need.