Submersible slurry pumps are designed to handle a wide array of tough and demanding applications. Because of the specifics of the process, parts can wear out quickly if the pump isn’t made to last. This is the main reason why you have to do your research prior to buying a submersible slurry pump.

A reliable submersible slurry pump supplier in South Florida will give you access to the top equipment on the market. What’s even more important, such a company can help you establish an effective system, reducing the risk of breakdowns and low efficiency.

Klein Pump is a submersible slurry pump supplier that gives its South Florida customers access to some of the best solutions on the market. The pumps that we sell are all characterized by high capacity and are designed for durability, regardless of the industry conditions.

Submersible slurry pumps have a wide array of applications. We’ve made such solutions available to customers that represent many sectors like:

  •     Firefighting
  •     Sewage treatment
  •     Deep well drilling
  •     Seawater handling
  •     Drilling
  •     Mining
  •     Agriculture and irrigation
  •     Water extraction
  •     Oil and petroleum extraction
  •     Solids handling

… and many others! If you’re looking for high quality and cost-efficiency regardless your area of expertise, you’ve come to the right place.

You need a partner that understands your field and can make equipment recommendations on the basis of this knowledge. With years of work with clients and thorough equipment testing practices, Klein Pump is one such partner.

While they are really tough, submersible slurry pumps aren’t created equal. If you don’t know what product is going to be the perfect match for your system, you should definitely rely on the know-how that Klein Pump has accumulated through the years. Our consultants will be more than happy to share this knowledge with you.

Give us a call today at 561-340-1678 to tell us a bit more about your business and the pumping system that you want to set up. We’ll gladly guide you through the process and suggest the pump brand and the model that will be best for you.