The ANSI process pump is the only one that corresponds to the dimensional standards set by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI). ANSI pumps are horizontal single stage centrifugal pumps that are comparable in dimensions, regardless of the brand and the make.

A reputable ANSI pump supplier in South Florida will give you access to such high quality, standard equipment. By opting for an ANSI pump, you’ll find it easier to set up a functional system that will have high efficiency.

Klein Pump is one such ANSI pump supplier in South Florida. We’ve been assisting commercial clients for decades, helping them identify the industrial pump that is best suited to their needs.

All of the equipment sold by Klein Pump has been thoroughly tested prior to its inclusion in our catalog. Examining every single pump on our own is the only way to guarantee quality and make relevant recommendations that will benefit our clients.

The approach has worked through the years and today, Klein Pump is proud to have such a big number of satisfied commercial clients. Our personalized approach, attention to detail and recommendations based on the specifics of the client’s business have enabled us to establish the Klein Pump reputation and maintain it for such a long period of time.

We feature a wide array of ANSI pumps that our customers can choose among. Klein Pump works with businesses that represent a vast array of industries like:

  •     Bottling plants
  •     Pharmaceutical
  •     Edible oils
  •     Sugar mills
  •     Cement plants
  •     General industries
  •     Food processing
  •     Beverage
  •     Distilleries
  •     Hospitality
  •     Mining
  •     Cosmetics and personal care
  •     Ordnance
  •     Marine
  •     HVAC
  •     Steel mills
  •     Heavy industries
  •     Petrochemical
  •     Oil and gas
  •     Breweries
  •     Hotels & resorts
  •     Aquariums
  •     Water parks
  •     Textiles
  •     Packaging
  •     Power generation
  •     Chemical processing

We understand industrial pumps and we know what it takes to put together a reliable system. This know-how sets us apart from other ANSI pump suppliers. It turns Klein Pump in a reliable partner for every business in need of such a solution.

Are you looking for a high quality ANSI pump? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 561-340-1678 and get started with the selection process.